Madeline Spooner is an experimental electronic pop artist based out of Los Angeles. Her latest EP, NAUTILUS, is an amalgamation of organic and electronic instrumentation that perfectly frames her spellbinding vocals. On July 31st, Madeline performed her EP release concert at the esteemed Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles. 

From her roots as a Midwestern native, Madeline has married her early acoustic storytelling with her affection for electronic music. She draws inspiration from the non-standard pop sensibilities of artists like Pink Floyd, Peter Gabriel, and The Doors as well as the esoteric tendencies of Coco Rosie, The Knife and Kate Bush.

Chris Douridas of KCRW first premiered Madeline on the airwaves on his Saturday radio show. Subsequently, Madeline was invited to a successful May residency at the Satellite, where she released her first single from NAUTILUS. Respected music columnist Kevin Bronson (BuzzbandsLA) first debuted the single on KCSN. He wrote:

Had to Let It Go, a dreamy communiqué about shucking the weight of the world, embodies the mystical themes on the EP. With its airy flourishes and cinematic sweep, [it] has the same je ne sais quoi as the more experimental work of Marina and the Diamonds. It’s good for letting go.”

Quirky curio instruments combine with analogue synths in a lush panoramic landscape, where Spooner endeavors to maintain a soulfulness in her rich and expansive contemporary sound. Madeline’s co-producer and collaborator, Ethan Allen (Tricky, Ben Harper, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Patty Griffin) shares these same sentiments, resulting in a cohesive vision for inspired sonics and thought-provoking lyrics.   

As a two-time first place award winner for the American Songwriting Awards, executive director Joseph Paulos highly lauded her by writing, “Madeline’s vibrant pop sound with psychedelic twists and turns keep listeners wanting more. We believe she is going to redefine the independent music scene.” 

NAUTILUS will be available on July 31st on madelinespooner.bandcamp.com, madelinespooner.com, iTunes and all major digital retailers.